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Thomas Brons
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All genealogies extending from 20 generations to 32 generations from Thomas Daniel Brons are included in this section.
I have not included any Family Groups in this section due to web size constraints.
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11-20 G
Above: Statue of Charles Martel in Palace of Versailles. He was grandfather of Charlemagne and is 44 generations back from myself
Below: Anulf of Metz, b 582, Grandfather of Pepin of Herstal.
Left: David I , King of Scotland, centre: Fulk, King of Jerusalem, Right: Anne of Kiev
Alfred the Great
Left: John I, count of Avesnes born 1218.
Above Left: Pepin of Herstal  b.635, father of Charles Martel.
Above Right: Begga, mother of Pepin of Herstal
Before 1000 AD 
20-32 G
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