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From 20 to 32 GENERATIONS
     6 Lines Past 20G
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11-20 G
Lucardis Mirlaer of Garsdorf
Alijt Nennick
Left:Count Willam of Holland and Right Charles Count of Valois
Left:House of Avesnes, middle: Henry IV count of Luxembourg, right: John I, count of Avesnes born 1218.
Between 1000 AD and 1300 AD 
> 32 G
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There are 9 European lines that extend past 20 Generations- all from grandmother Maria Margaretha Brugman.
These lines descend from Jan Gijzenberg's 2 great grandmothers; Maria Bos & Jannetje Portengen.
Jacob Simonszn (van den Bosch)
Jan van der Duyn
Gerard Conrad van Eck
Dirk,of Freijs van Dolre
Jan Peter Ruysch
Pieter Oudendijk
Rutger van Alphen
MARIA BOS - 3 Lines past 20G
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