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        George Gillespie Boyd  was born on 12 September 1848 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the eldest son of Dr John McNeil Boyd, a Doctor of Science , and Jane Samson. It is thought that John was studying or teaching at Edinburgh University during this time. The family shifted to London in 1849 and then to Folkestone, Kent in 1851 where it is thought that John was a lecturer in Science. The family lived here until about 1863 when they decided to emigrate to Napier, New Zealand. George had to stay behind to finish off his education, so he lived with his mother's sister, Aunt Eleanor, in Newcastle-upon -Tyne.
        In 1864, he travelled to New Zealand and joined his family who had settled on a small block of land beside the Wairoa River , that they named "Wharekiri". George was almost 16 years old, and keen to find adventure so he joined the New Zealand Militia, and a year later he enlisted in the No. 3 East Coast Expeditionary Force where he served in various campaigns against Kereopa, up the Waimana valley in the Bay of Plenty and also served in Patea and Wanganui before his discharge in 1866. On discharge he was granted some land in Patea but he sold this to another soldier named Gibbons, and travelled to the West Coast of the South Island to try his hand at the "Gold Diggings". He had only limited success but managed to recover enough gold to make a quarter inch long tiki which he wore on his watch chain. In 1868 , after the landing of Te Kooti and his followers from the Chatham Islands  at Poverty Bay, George was called back into the NZ Militia where he carried dispatches from Wairoa to Poverty Bay. He also fought against Te Kooti at Waikaremoana and was in the Armed Constabulary Force before being discharged in 1874.
       With his military life behind him, he went into farming and was managing "Matakaoa" for Colonel Thomas Porter in Hicks Bay in 1875, when he met Apikara Taketake, daughter of the paramount chief of the area, Hatiwira Houkamau. Apikara and George wished to marry but this was not sanctioned by the family, so George was forced to leave the district. The following year,1876,at Hicks Bay, Apikara gave birth to a son from this relationship who was  named Wi Pahuru.
       In 1876 George travelled down to Tokomaru Bay and started working on the large Tokomaru-Ongaruru Block, owned by Mr A.C. Arthur where he became the manager from 1884 to 1890, running 14,000 sheep in 1890. While he was living here, he met Riria ,daughter of Rawinia and Riwai Tawhena and in 1879 their eldest child Mabel was born, followed by the twins, Arthur and Ernest , who were  born at Riria's parent's home named "Koira"in Tikapa,north of Ruatoria. Alan was born in 1883. In 1884 George bought some land at Port Awanui, the coastal port serving the Waiapu district. George was stil managing the station and it was here that Gordon and Stanley were born .On 29 July 1889 , at their home in Tokomaru Bay, George and Riria were married.
       In 1890, George ventured into shopkeeping. He purchased a trading store in Mataahu,near Waipiro Bay, and later purchased further stores in Whareponga and Tuparoa. In 1892 the family was living near Waipiro Bay before they shifted to Port Awanui. The Boyd's first home in Port Awanui was near the Seaview Hotel or southern end of the township. They later bought a house,store and block of land known as Ömaewa" across the Waiotautu Stream on the northern end of the township.This had been the site of the trading store of the Portuguese trader and whaler, Jose Manuel , some 30 - 40 years previously. Their last child, Nora Iritana was born here on the 4th of November 1892 but she died only 7 months later and was buried at Pokai Marae,Tikapa. The Boyd's settled at Port Awanui ,where George not only ran the trading store, but also became the Waiapu County Overseer, collector of rates and the dog registration officer. He was also a Justice of the Peace and sat on the bench at the Port Awanui Courthouse. The older children were sent to Hukarere and Te Aute College for their education. On the 6th of February 1898 , Riria died aged only 33 years old. She was buried beside her daughter Nora at the Tikapa cemetery.
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Left to Right: George Gillespie Boyd as a young boy, as a young man in England; as a  middleaged man   and as an elderly man. Seated with his brother John James McNeil Boyd.  George is holding the sheep.