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My Family at Silverford Jan 2011
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Tom & Annette Brons wedding- 1982
I have included genealogical information and photos in this website to allow my extended family access to this knowledge, which belongs to all descendants. It is not intended to be all inclusive as I don't have all the information, however what I do have, I am happy to share for the benefit of others .Tom's Whakapapa is primarily FAMILY HISTORY including familiy groups, photos, and biographies.
This information has been acquired over a lifetime of research by myself, my sister Christina, my great uncle Bernard , cousin Sean Ellison and many others. It is hoped that by sharing this knowledge, it will help to build a sense of family unity and prevent the loss of this valuable knowledge from generation to generation.
NEW WEBSITE TO BE CREATED.(In addition to this one)
One concern in posting this information is the risk of identity theft of living members of the family and because of this I have decided to produce another website for the descendants of my Grandparents and this website will be password protected. This website will be launched in the near future and will be linked from this site. This new website will contain all the family groups of my grandparents descendants on both the Brons and Ellison families and because of the size of the whanau, it will have the capacity to be updated regularly.
If you have any information that I don't have re genealogy, biographical information or even photos, I would be pleased to receive this information via an e-mail or by mail. If you have photos, I will scan them onto file and return them to you asap. Once verified the information and photos will be added to the website from time to time.
About the Author:
I have always had a passion for my family and genealogy is just an extension of this. I am a medical practitioner and live in Rotorua, New Zealand. My wife Annette and I have 8 children and 10 grandchildren. My parents had 6 children, 37 grandchildren and about 52 great grandchildren at the time of publishing (20 Feb 2013)
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